Xercast Castables

 This product line includes low cement, low water castables that provide two to three times the strengths of conventional castables with service limits from 2700 degrees F to 3400 degrees F.    

Xerflow Castables

This product line of specially formulated low cement, low water products give refractory users the ability to easily emplace the product from a mixer or a pump.  

Xershot Castables

 Xertech has developed a line of shotcrete products that enable refractory users to quickly place product with minimal dusting and low rebound. These products offer similar benefits and properties as the Xercast and Xerflow product lines. 

Xergun Castables

Xertech produces a line of dry gunning mixes within operating temperature limits ranging from 2600 degrees F to 3200 degrees F. These products were developed to give low dusting and low rebound.  

Xercon Castables

  Xertech makes several conventional castables generally upon specific customer request.